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"...you made it so easy"

Was towed from my Condo to Rosey Toes. Thank you for the amazing service. I was terrified but you made it so easy. – Scott M.

"trustworthy and responsible..."

Rod is amazing! Always responding to calls and messages immediately, didn't ask for any deposit upfront, trustworthy and responsible. My go-to motorcycle transport company from now on! – Julia V.

"First class service..."

Absolutely the best. Used them is morning. First class service. Reliable, great friendly service. Great prices. I would highly recommend them.5 stars. Thank you. – Chris

"safest way to transport..."

MotoLimo is the best and safest way to transport any motorcycle. Kudos to Rod. I highly recommend MotoLimo. – Karen H.

"100% perfect"

I used MotoLimo today. Had the pleasure of meeting Rod. My motorcycle was completely safe and the cash transaction was looked after by Rod and was 100% perfect. Thank you for your service.
– Bruce

"another smooth experience!"

I don't know how many years it's been since I first used MotoLimo, but I know that I've never used anyone since - and that I have no interest in ever entrusting my bikes to anyone else. Prompt and courteous service, and custom towing rigs that are painless for the bikes and their owners. I tell anyone who'll listen that MotoLimo is the only game in town. Thanks again for another smooth experience!
– Phil M.

"MotoLimo's service is impeccable and professional"

We got caught by surprise with the cold weather in Parry Sound where our motorcycles are located during the season. My dealer Ready Powersports Mississauga referred me to MotoLimo on November 8, 2017. Well, November 9 2017, my 2 bikes are back in the city (GTA).

MotoLimo's service is impeccable and professional, the motocycles are transported in a safe and reliable manner and the price is more than reasonable. More importantly, the quality of service to the customer is excellent. Rodney returned calls and followed though when he said he would. Service companies should follow his client service approach. I recommend MotoLimo should you need a transportation for your motorcycle(s).
– Geneviève

"professional, polite, courteous"

Hi Rod, Just wanted to thank you for the great job you guys did for me yesterday. Everybody was professional, polite, courteous and took great care of my bike. Added bonus that you were actually right on time as well so the disruption to my day was minimal. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend your services!!
– Patrick

"I very strongly recommend your service"

Hi Rod ! just wanted to say thank-you for the very professional service you gave yesterday. your set up is awesome ! very nice, quick and ever so easy. I very strongly recommend your service to all motorcyclists and will give your contact info to all my 'motofriends'. Motolimo is just that, a limosine service for motorbikes ! Keep up the great service and thank-you once again Rod !!!
– Luc Bertin

"attentiveness to detail"

Hi Rod, I wanted to extend my hand to you in thanking you for your professionalism. Your attentiveness to detail and ensuring the safety of my bike was greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Mark Hildebrandt

"very impressed with the care our bike received"

Hi Rod, Just wanted to thank you for your expert help in bringing our V Star home to Bath, ON. Paul and I were very impressed with the care our bike received and in meeting you as well. You truly stand out as someone who cares about the work you do and the people you assist. We took our baby out on the road today, touring Picton, Kingston and area. Loving every minute of it! Cheers, Bonita

"Excellent service and very professional"

I just had my 2009 ZX6R delivered to me Thursday by Rod from MotoLimo. Excellent service and very professional. Also- very quick to reply to emails and phone calls. Try him at www.motolimo.com
Good luck

"loaded the bike as if it was his own"

I can testify for Rod at MotoLimo.com He picked my bike up with me back in April and brought it home, he was professional, his equipment was in great condition (hell his truck was only two days old purchased specifically for the business), great guy to do business with. He loaded the bike as if it was his own, wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or use him again should the need arise.

"fast, reliable, and very friendly"

Motorcyclists in the GTA are extremely fortunate to have such an amazing service available. Motolimo is fast, reliable, and very friendly. Thanks Motolimo!
– Howard Goldbach

"truly impressed with your tow equipment"

Dear Rod,

As you are aware I had the misfortune of having my “baby” 1991 Ducatti 907 IE breakdown in Toronto due to fuel starvation. After trying another so called reputable tow company I was given your name by Parker Brothers (whom I have never dealt with). A ‘cel’ phone call to you was quickly answered and after a quick quotation for a tow from Etobicoke to Ajax I was assured of a professional tow by you.

I must admit that I was truly impressed with your tow equipment for my “baby” and was even content to leave it with you for the remaining half of the trip after giving you payment as I was dropped off near my home address in Toronto.

As a motorcyclist for over 4 decades seldom looking for assistance I can but only recommend your services to any motorcyclist especially within the GTA.

Yours sincerely,
David Stewart
CMA member
FIM CMT member

"Thanks to you and your service..."

Hey just a thanks again to you and you delivery service... I bought a 1985 Honda rebel on Friday... I was looking for one within my budget for a long while.. I finally found one in the downtown area but with no way to bring it home...

Thanks to you and your service i could buy it and bring it home immediately. Ron was a very pleasant fellow who had come to get me and my new clunker and drove us home... I don't think I would have gotten my bike if it wasn't for you... So cheers and thank you...
– Stewart

"Everything was great about my experience with MotoLimo"

My name is Kally and yesterday I was in a very fustrating situation with a used bike that I bought. What a horrible experience, the bike wasn't starting and I was feel upset and cheated. I called Moto Limo to tow my bike. Everything was great about my experience with MotoLimo, from the first phone call to the end of the ride. Steve arrived and even called me when he was close to let me know he'd be there shortly.

"turning a bad situation to a positive experience"

Steve really calmed my nerves about the bike and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. The specially designed tow trucks and straps really ensure that your bike arrives in the exact condition it left. I am so happy to know that there is a service out there like MotoLimo. Not only was Steve knowledgeable and friendly, he wasn't you typical tow truck driver. You guys are great and provide a great service. Thank you Steve for turning a bad situation to a positive experience.

In the end it was a simple fix and the bike only needed a new battery, which Steve told me that was most likely the problem. I will suggest your service to all my friends and let them know if Steve gets there you're in good hands.

Cheers, Kally

"Thumbs up MotoLimo and Rod - superb service!"

Thumbs up MotoLimo and Rod - superb service!

Long story short - I am complete newbie and after long weeks of searching I finally found my baby. Checking mechanical was easy - have friends who are experienced riders and gearheads. But transporting - whole different story. Bike needed new brakes and I did not want put anyone at risk by asking to ride it from Pickering to Toronto.

So I found MotoLimo on this forum and people seemed to like their service. Emailed Rod asking for quote and time. Received response within minutes. Finalized the deal with the buyer, called Rod again - confirmed date and time. Rod came over to seller's house, loaded the bike, 30 min later - bike in my garage.

If you ever need to transport your bike - MotoLimo should be first on your list. And when you call - you should check out his truck and equipment. Fantastic, state of the art lifting platform which will hold your bike solid!

And Rod himself - very nice guy to deal with! Highly recommended!

– sunnyyogochi

"Lightning Rod as I call him"

Hi everyone. I just wanted to tell you about a great service I used. Express Toy Transit picked up my new bike and delivered it for me on Friday. Rod, or Lightning Rod as I call him, showed up on time and was very professional. His equipment was top notch and the cost to move my bike was very reasonable. You or anyone you know would be very well advised to take advantage of this guy's service any time and anywhere. Give him a call at 416-651-2424, or expresstoytransit.com. You will be glad you did.

Kind regards,
Kevin from Toronto

"he has some great equipment for securing the bike"

Just wanted to give everyone looking to have their bike transported around the GTA area a hookup. I was recently was looking to have a bike I just bought moved and searched out a few different companies in the area, I ended up going with 'Express Toy Transit'.

Rod (Owner and operator) was very quick to respond to emails and was very patient while I went through the whole BS of finding the bike, and trying to arrange for it to be ready for me to pick up (you know how those things go sometime...they don't), when I finally had my end together he was ready to go, even given some very short notice on my end.

His trailer is very nice and maintained, he has some great equipment for securing the bike, the way he took care of it you would have thought it was his own.

He also offers a number of other services like Roadside Rescue (Ie: If your bike breaks down, give him a call and he'll come pick your bike up) or picking up and dropping off a bike at the dealer from your house (If you don't want to take it for service and wait for instance).

The service was really second to none, really nice guy who enjoys what he does, and does it well.

Reach him at 1-866-211-1946 or www.motolimo.com

NOTE: I'm not related or affiliated with him at all, just a very satisfied customer who doesn't think you'll find a better service out there for the price

"The trailer you have for low ceiling clearances was fantastic"

Hi Rod, I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping me move my Suzuki Bandit from underground parking into my storage locker yesterday, and also being there right on time. The trailer you have for low ceiling clearances was fantastic piece of gear and perfect for the job, and it made a difficult job of moving a bike from a P4 parking space very easy.

All the best, Steve

"I was in a bind and Rod went out of his way to accommodate my situation"

Want to give a shoutout to the lads at Motolimo. Rod working dispatch was awesome. I was in a bind and Rod went out of his way to accommodate my situation. Continually kept in touch with me. And made the calls he said he would. (nowadays a lot of people like to promise but never deliver (Rod did both).

And Steve with the truck - great guy. He found where i was. Bike was up in seconds. No fuss. I know some might say that's his job but he brought personality and enthusiasm with him. I know of some dudes who are just miserable. If I'm ever in a bind again I'll definitely use them. I recommend them.

Silvrsurfr – GTA Motorcycle Forum

"impressed with the care my bike received"

Hey Rod, Just wanted to Thank you for your expert help, to get my BUSA from harbourfront to port union. I'm very much impressed with the care my bike received. You truly stand out with your care and your assistance to the motorcycle community... Cheers.

Rajkumar Saran

"you guys are great!"

Just want to say you guys are great! I am a new rider; the bike died and wouldn't start. I found you guys, Rod and Alan showed tremendous care and got me help right away.

– Eugene Peng

"needed his help 3 or 4 times already and he is always there on time"

Rod and I are now good friends. I've needed his help 3 or 4 times already and he is always there on time, no matter where in the GTA you are. Very reasonable rates, timely and professional response. I got a flat on the highway last week, he was there in a matter of minutes and took my bike to the shop next morning, I only had to go and get it when it was ready.

Thank you very much Rod!

– Baby Blue

"not your typical tow service"

I'd just like to say a huge thanks to Rod at Moto Limo, I crashed Sunday, and my ever so helpful CAA membership offered zero assistance. Then I remembered Moto Limo from the Ride for Awareness ride a couple weeks ago. Gave a call and Rod was on his way. And this truly is Limo service, Rod was concerned that I was hurt or in shock, not your typical tow service. He even bought me a coffee and donut, but don't expect that lol.

Bookmark http://www.motolimo.com/ or put his number in your cell phone, never know when you or a friend will need it.


"great asset to the Greater Toronto area motorcycle community"

Rod at Moto Limo is a great asset to the Greater Toronto area motorcycle community. He shows up at a lot of the bigger rides and is always there if a rider goes down or has a technical malfunction. His rates are very reasonable and his service is quick and dependable. I have used him before and he is a pleasure to deal with.

Hats off to Rod.

"not only a professional motorcycle mover, but a nice person, too!"

Hi Rod, My husband, Gary, spoke very highly of you. Not only did you move our bikes with great care and expertise, you were wonderful company for Gary as he rode along with you from Lake Simcoe to Toronto and back. He felt like he'd known you for years. You sound like a very interesting man and obviously are not only a professional motorcycle mover, but a nice person, too!

I would like you to know that it means a great deal to me that trusting your company to do a fantastic job was a wise choice, indeed. We will highly recommend your services to every motorcycle enthusiast we meet in future and although we hope to never need your services for a breakdown, feel secure having your card in our wallet. Until we meet again, continued success!
Cheers, Susan Dorling


I can't believe the amount of support MotoLimo has shown to the Road Awareness Campaign! They have stepped right up and volunteered their time, fuel & trucks for these events, without even being asked! THAT IS A COMPANY THAT CARES! I hope everyone refers anyone in need to these guys!

Lori A (Toronto) Aug17/09

"Thanks for all your help"

Well its been quite a long boring day in the car by myself but I have come home the owner of a Black on Black 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 600 with just over 3,000 on it, not that I was settling for anything less!

Thanks for all your help thus far and going as far to try to track down the bike for me, that was awesome. the location is the 2nd quote you gave me, Dutton (15 min from London), took me 2 hours to get home from there today, that "Red Hill Valley" highway they built lets you cut right through Hamilton as opposed to going over the Burlington Skyway and around on the 403, I wish I would have thought of that going there, could have saved myself 30 minutes!

I'm at work tomorrow, and am looking to pick up the bike on Wednesday, how does that work for you?

– Tony

"You can depend on these guys!"

Riding on a Sunday with the wife 401 east bound going 120 kph. soon as i hit the grooved section by port union, the bike starts to wiggle a bit and then starts vibrating.

I pulled over the side and the tire goes flat as a pancake. Had to call a tow from Express Toy Transit who by the way phoned all over to find a shop open and brought me and my bike to Rosey Toes bike shop. It being a Sunday I was lucky Ted was in the shop.

I had a nail in, which caused the flat, Ted got me all fixed up and was on my way in 2 hrs. The Express Toy Transit tow was reimbursed by CAA because I had the plus option.
You can depend on these guys!
– Lui.

"Thanks again for the great service"

Thanks again for the great service and conversation yesterday Rod - got the bike running at last...

– Todd

"you went over and above your normal service"

Hey Rod,

Just wanted to say thanks again for how much you went over and above your normal service in order to get my bike home (The black Suzuki from Dutton)

I put up a post over on the main Toronto bike board (www.gtamotorcycle.com) regarding my experience with your company. Hopefully it gets you some business from some of the guys on the board, for the most part they are all located in the GTA so its right in your vicinity.

Thanks again,
– Tony Galluzzo

"I read good things about you on the GTA motorcycle site"

Hi Rod,

Thanks for the reply and quote... much appreciated. I'm in no hurry right now unless the price of a bike is perfectly right, the riding season is over.

And just to let you know... I read good things about you on the GTA motorcycle site - word of mouth is very powerful, especially on the internet.

Have a great day, Lorenzo

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