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Ontario’s Specialized Motorcycle Towing & Transport  Service • Dependable   • Fully Insured   • Fast Response

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Roadside Rescue
  • MotoLimo Toronto Motorcycle Towing & Transport Specialist Steve
  • MotoLimo Ontario Motorcycle Towing & Transport Specialist Rod
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MotoLimo Ontario Motorcycle Towing Specialists

Who do you call when you need motorcycle towing or transport in the Toronto area? You call MotoLimo Ontario – the motorcycle towing and transport experts with an average response time of only 45 minutes. Nobody is better equipped and trained to transport your motorcycle or scooter. MotoLimo Ontario has the only fully insured motorcycle emergency transport vehicles in Ontario.

When you break down out of town we will come and get you and if you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from out of town we will take you home.

We use a custom bike lift system in our trucks and fully equipped trailers to secure your bike to ensure it is not scratched or bumped in transit.

You love your bike. And it is probably worth a lot of money. So don’t take risks when it is time to tow or transport your motorcycle or ship it to a worldwide off-shore international destination. Call the experts – MotoLimo Ontario Motorcycle Towing & Transport, servicing Ajax, Barrie, Bradford, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Toronto, Whitby and surrounding areas.

Eight great ways you can take advantage of our one-of-a-kind motorcycle transport & worldwide shipping service

Roadside Rescue

When your bike has a mechanical problem or flat tire. Pay-as-you-go for the GTA or by annual plan covering Canada & U.S.

Transport to a repair or custom shop

–and the return trip to your home or office when the repair is complete.

Long-range Transport

When you move to a new location.

Bulk Transport

Able to transport up to 4 bikes at a time!

Shipment from the dealership

Transport to your home – perfect for first-time riders.

Express Overnight

Motorcycle pick up and delivery within 600 km.

Worldwide Off-shore Shipping

When shipping to off-shore worldwide international destinations. Learn more...

On Route Certification Service

Buying a used bike? Ask us about our exclusive service.